25 Years and still Rocking!

Nothing induces such ecstasy to the listeners other than hearing “and up next PARIKRAMA!”


Yes, the same band that has been considered as the face of Indian Rock is about to add a silver lining to its existence. No testimony is required to acknowledge and appreciate their prowess in the field of rock music.Their hymn of acclamation expanses the entire globe , well depicted by their association with Iron Maiden and frequent participation in international festivals like the Download Festival.


Formed on 17th June 1991 when a group of enthusiasts from the music society of Kirori Mal college(DU) came together to whip up some tunes, the band consists  of the following members:

  • Subir Malik on Keyboards/ Synthesizers
  • Nitin Malik on Vocals
  • Sonam Sherpa on lead guitar
  • Srijan Mahajan on drums
  • Saurabh Chaudhary on guitar
  • Gaurav Balani on bass guitar

They are also accompanied by Imran Khan on violin and Shambu Nath on Tabla/percussions.

The Early Days

Parikrama is famous for fusing Indian sounds with Rock n Roll and  have collaborated with various artists (most famously with Usha Uthup for the song ‘Rhythm and Blues’).

They have achieved a lot, have helped the independent music scene grow and have been at the centre of the debate of ‘covers vs originals’ for a long time. They drifted more towards covers during their early years. They were criticized for doing so but they had mind blowing originals too. For the India leg of Iron Maiden’s Somewhere Back In Time tour in 2007, Parikrama had the opportunity to open for Iron Maiden in Bangalore. They played an all-original set and gave the critics the finger. Not just was the band appreciated, they were noticed by  Bruce Dickinson and Rod Smallwood of Iron Maiden and were offered the opportunity to play at the Download Festival and shows in Europe.

Rock and F***ing Roll

They have also been the crowd favourite at college fests and played their first college fest at Mood I in 1995. They regularly play corporate gigs which is why they have a busy schedule.

During our conversation with one of the founder members Mr.Subir Malik, we were able to throw light upon the following questions

1) Why did you feel like making a band?

Who doesn’t buddy ? Given a chance , everyone would want to be on stage , live the dream , exactly same reason.

2) What was the reason for distributing music for free?

We gave our music for free, instead got gigs in return , if a song sells for 15 rupees, and you get a gig for , lets say 3 lac, you can do the maths !!!

3) How did things change after the Maiden concert?

Frankly, we were doing huge number of gigs before that as well, but yes, we started doing many more all original sets after the maiden gig .

4) Where do you see Parikrama in the future?

On the stage

5) What were the turning points for the band?

Many buddy , 25 years !!!

6) What according to you has changed in the scene since 1991?

Technology, its advantages and its perils .

7) What do you think the scene needs to progress?

We need to have many more gigs, like the pub rock fest , all pubs in delhi today want only sufi sufi sufi, with due respect to that , we want rock and roll, and it’s time , someone did something about it . cheerz

Parikrama a band of such high virtue, is equally unorthodox by making their music available for free on their website and urging the fans to create their own albums and bootlegs.

Such conviction towards the independent Indie music scene is what makes Parikrama what it is today.

Here are the top best songs by the band that one ought to hear

  1. Am I Dreaming?

  2. But it rained

  3. I believe (with Agnee and Shilpa Rao)

  4. Vapourize

  5. Whiskey Blues

With the philosophy “The Band is bigger than the Person”, they continue to resonate their story for 25 years and will continue to do so because for them this is just a milestone along the path that they tread.

Kudos to them and their music…

You can see them live on 19th June 2016 at Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon 7:30 PM onwards13403921_10153685959703170_3012233966421276709_o



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